March 25, 2023

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Official: Iranian sugar cane firm only producer of pharma sugar in ME

Abd Ali Naseri said Sugar Cane and Byproducts Development Company supplies pharma sugar for 63 pharmaceutical companies.

Iran needs 12,000 tons pharma sugar per year and Hakim Farabi Agriculture and Industry Company has the capacity to produce 15,000 tons of pharma sugar per year, he said.

With this amount of production, grounds have been prepared for exports, Naseri added.

He went on to say that pharma sugar is one of the main and strategic products of Sugar Cane and Byproducts Development Company which is also produced by a few companies in Europe, US, China and Brazil.

He reiterated that Iran is among important producers of pharma sugar in the world.

Pharma sugar had earlier been imported from European states, but due to sanctions and lack of access to this kind of sugar and thanks to its importance in preserving society’s health, Iran put on the agenda producing it, Naseri said.

He said that in time of the coronavirus outbreak, the company is now producing alcohol and pharma sugar for pharmaceutical companies.


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