December 10, 2023

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Official: Iran to increase COVID19 diagnostic test kits

Addressing in press conference, Jahanpour said coronavirus tests are carried out in 95 laboratories with about 10,000-15,000 cases.

He added that Iran is in the same level with Turkey regarding the number of tests.

US has the most numbers but the ten countries which have the most cases in proportion to population are mostly small and with low population like Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, Malta, Liechtenstein and Bahrain.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Jahanpour referred to US’ stopping aid to World Health Organization (WHO), saying some claim that WHO is US-oriented but we are trying not to attribute health issues to political topics.

He noted that the WHO is an international and non-political organization and Iran will continue cooperation with WHO.

We have not observed indications of political measures in WHO, he said adding that such political evaluations will disturb joint international approaches.


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