May 28, 2022

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NGOs in Japan send 30 anti-corona packages to Iran

TEHRAN – In the past two days, 30 packages of donations from Iranian non-governmental organizations residing in Japan and some other groups have been sent to Iran, the Iranian ambassador to Tokyo has said.

Morteza Rahmani-Movahed said in a video message that despite the U.S. claims that it does not prevent the sending of medical aid to Iran, there is still no possibility of any transaction and activity in Japan in favor of humanitarian affairs or helping to deal with the disease, ISNA reported.

 “However, with the help of the Japanese government, we have provided 23.5 million dollars worth of assistance to the Iranian people in the fight against coronavirus through six international organizations.”

Also, aid has been sent by the Japanese people and NGOs, and in the last two days, 30 packages of donations have been sent to Iran, and some others are on the way.

In these difficult times, Iran and Iranians need more solidarity and support, and the Iranian embassy is always ready to help.

Last week, Japan sent a shipment of medical equipment worth $4 million to Iran to help the country combat the coronavirus outbreak, it has allocated $7 million aid to Iran, $4 million of which has been so far provided to the World Food Program in Iran, head of Rescue and Relief Organization, Morteza Salimi, stated.

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