August 17, 2022

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Lionel Messi thanks Iranian wonderkid Arat

TEHRAN – Lionel Messi broke social networks after responding to the video of Arat Hosseini, who showed off his skills in a Barcelona shirt.

It was in Instagram where the Argentine star surprised Arat thanking the gesture he had.

“Thanks Arat!! I see a lot of class there, impressive! Hug!!”.

Six-year-old Hosseini, who was born in northern Iran but now lives in Liverpool, has become an internet sensation due to a series of videos highlighting his incredible skills.

His Instagram account has accrued an astonishing 2.7million followers, including boxer Anthony Joshua, former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand and Liverpool Champions League winner Luis Garcia.

Arat’s favorite sport is soccer, but also he has boasted of being very good in disciplines such as gymnastic, basketball and taekwondo.
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