December 2, 2023

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Iranian Sociological Association addresses global organizations to express concern over …

According to the Iranian Sociological Association, the letter which was written on Friday deals with combined destructive impacts of sanctions and coronavirus outbreak on Iran’s economy and public life, especially low-income strata as well as consequences of this situation for investment in health and higher education and adverse impacts on the growth of the social sciences.

Addressing the heads of the above-said organizations, Iranian Sociological Association Chief Hossein Serajzadeh said in the letter that the pandemic which has gripped the Iranian society coupled with escalation of sanctions has plunged Iran’s economy into a deep recession, threatening the lives of 80 million Iranians.

The sanctions have also affected Iran’s trade and banking ties, as they have made it difficult and sometimes impossible for Iran to receive humanitarian aid, the letter said.

Under the situation, sociologists as part of the society also face problems, it said, noting that due to lack of economic resources, university education, like the country’s health infrastructure, is experiencing a difficult situation.

Continued sanctions will cause many researchers, instructors, half-time and part-time experts lose their jobs, Serajzadeh said, noting that under the conditions when social critical thinking is one of the necessities to deal with social and political challenges, shortage of financial resources as well as the viral crisis will halt quality education.  

The pandemic has suspended the universities and educational centers, as the education is offered via cyberspace but the universities and students lack necessary preparedness and necessary infrastructure for creating new spaces to provide meaningful training to the students, the letter said.

Today, the world needs more solidarity and global cooperation is needed more than any other time to address the problems, Iranian Sociological Association said, hoping that it will enjoy cooperation with international colleagues to lift anti-Iran sanctions.


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