May 24, 2022

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Iranian seminar to scrutinize impacts of coronavirus on art in October

TEHRAN — The Iranian Academy of Arts has announced its plan to study the effects of the coronavirus on art and artists during a seminar to be held in late October.

The spread of the new virus around the world has affected all political, social and cultural relations, and art and artists are no exceptions, the academy wrote in a statement published on Monday.

Interested researchers are asked to submit their research articles on the major topics of the seminar before September 20.

The topics include “Changes in Artistic Creations”, “Artistic Innovations and Technology”, “Art Review”, “Artistic Philosophy and Aesthetics”, “Economy and Art”, “Artistic Education”, “Art and Crisis”, “Art and Social-Mental Crisis”, “Artistic Management and Policymaking” and “Infectious Diseases and Artistic Intercultural Relations”.

Photo: A poster for the Iranian Academy of Arts’ Seminar on Art and Coronavirus.

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