March 29, 2023

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Iranian province to follow South Korea in coronavirus combat

TEHRAN – Experts in Iran’s northern Mazandaran province have prepared a plan based on a successful model implemented in South Korea to counter the coronavirus epidemic.

Amir Taha Khalatbari, head of Mazandaran passive defense scientific association, explained that through the first phase of the plan all the cities and villages will be screened, which means those farfetched areas will be monitored and disinfected, pointing to the seven phases of the plan, ISNA news agency reported on Tuesday.

Regarding the second phase of the plan on self-reliance to health, he emphasized that in this phase, physicians in the province will inform the people about the necessary health instructions against the coronavirus through a phone conversation.

He went on to note that the third phase identifies shops for providing online services to their customers, and connect them to the country’s transportation system and online shopping system so that access to medicine and food will be made easier for people.

The fourth measure is to identify infected areas and cemeteries in the cities and disinfect to prevent the spread of the disease, he added.

If the burials of coronavirus victims are unscientific, the disease will be transmitted to the soil, and later will have come up with dire consequences, so that we have to prevent such happenings, he lamented.

Khalatbari highlighted that the fifth phase of the plan will integrate the province’s media to jointly release educational content and raise people’s awareness, stressing that many people who run news channels will be connected to a reliable news source in the country, and information will be provided accurately and purposefully.

Launching an interactive application is also another measure, he added.

“With the implementation of the plan we expect to contain the disease by 25 to 30 percent, and then help government agencies,” he stated.

“Unfortunately, the government is involved in the think tank, while in universities we have thinkers whose capacity is not being used well,” he concluded.

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