December 10, 2023

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Iranian painter’s work to be displayed at South Korean CICA collection

“Nature is a pert of ideas painters always pay attention to. I abstractly depict the nature I see with colors other than they really are. The sea, the rock, and the sky of the work have been painted based on my own personal understanding,” Monfared wrote about her painting.

Monfared started painting 20 years ago. She has so far had several individual and group galleries in Tehran, Istanbul, Paris, California, and CICA.

She has already had honors like FACTA international competition in Lyon, France, has printed a painting in Spotlight Magazine and Juliet Art Magazine in Italy.

Started from the sculptor Czong Ho Kim’s studio in 1994, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) became a unique cultural space founded and cultivated by artists. Not only CICA fosters projects of experimental artists, we are open for everyone to learn about Contemporary Art and apply it to one’s life. We aim to provide a creative, yet comfortable space for artists and the community to nurture their creative and critical thinking with visual culture while they communicate with each other, writes the official website of the institute.


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