August 16, 2022

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Iranian mom gives birth to quadruplets in second labor

Dr. Alireza Armani, Medical Sciences University of Zanjan vice-chancellor in treatment affairs, told IRNA on Sunday that the mother, 25, gave birth to four boys who weighed 1.460, 1.930, 1.340 and 1.890 kilograms.

Noting that the mother suffered from thyroid disorders, Dr. Armani said that she had to deliver the quadruplets in the 34th week of pregnancy without medical intervention.

The babies were born by C-section and are now in good health.

The young mother and her 35-year-old husband now have 4 boys and a girl who was born 4 years ago.

Less than 10 triplets and quadruplets are born in Zanjan every year.


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