May 30, 2023

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Iranian artists launch online exhibit to escape recession during coronavirus pandemic 

TEHRAN – Iranshahr Gallery in Tehran and the Surface Art and Design Project have recently launched an online gallery titled “Atelier 99” to escape from a slump in art sales that started in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The gallery intends to support visual artists in the difficult days of the pandemic, Iranshahr has announced on its website.

It also provides an opportunity for art aficionados to visit exhibitions and purchase the artworks they like.

In addition, the works are offered at reasonable prices in which the shares of the galleries are omitted, encouraging private collectors and art aficionados to purchase a greater number of artworks.

Atelier 99 is currently playing host to an exhibition displaying works by Mostafa Chubtarash, Nilufar Kasbi, Narenj Kazemi, Leili Rashidi, Behruz Majidi, Mojgan Mollahosseini, Maryam Tabatabai, Zeinab Movahhed and several other artists.

Photo: A poster for “Atelier 99”.

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