December 3, 2023

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Iranian Academy of Arts to release Qajar era albums online

TEHRAN – The Iranian Academy of Arts plans to release eight albums recorded during the Qajar period (1789–1925) online on its website during the coronavirus pandemic.

The collections feature various Iranian singers and composers. In addition, a book titled “Voice of Honor”, which reviews the basics and principles of Iranian songs compiled by experts Bahman Kazemi, Vahraz Purahmad and Mehdi Farahani, will be published at the same time.

The first album contains 116 songs by singers of the past century as well as songs by theater troupes and actors dating back to 1906.

The second album has been recorded in 1907 and contains the pieces composed by Mirza Hosseinqoli in his journey to Paris with several other Iranian musicians.

The third collection recorded in London in 1907 contains 113 compositions.

The collections containing 469 compositions will be gradually uploaded on the academy’s website.

Photo: A copy of a Qajar era disk.

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