May 28, 2024

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Iran starts smart screening program to contain coronavirus

TEHRAN – The second phase of the social distancing plan in Iran started on Tuesday within the framework of a screening program to curb the spread of coronavirus.

“Under the program, we will conduct tests on the asymptomatic people who are transmitting the virus to the community without awareness,”  Health Minister Saeed Namaki said explained, IRNA reported.

“With the help of knowledge-based companies, we are moving to centers that have no symptoms, and for this, we need an extensive diagnosis,” he added.

Iran implemented the social distancing measures from March 27 for two weeks in a bid to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

According to the plan, intercity travels were restricted and only residents were allowed to enter their cities.

Moreover, holding any kind of meeting or congregation was banned and all parks and gyms, as well as universities and schools, remained closed.

Meanwhile, rail, road, and air transport were limited.


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