May 23, 2022

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Iran-Kuwait continue regional talks in Russia

The issue of the coronavirus outbreak was another topic of discussion between Kazem Jalali and Abdul Aziz al-Adwani in Moscow.

In this telephone conversation, Jalali said that the corona crisis once again showed the need for collective cooperation in the region, referring to Iran’s plan to ensure the security of the Persian Gulf.

Iranian ambassador also said that in the framework of a plan for cooperation in the field of health in the region and in other words, health diplomacy with the aim of finding common solutions and protocols to fight against corona can be discussed.

Abdul Aziz Al-Adwani also called the relations between Tehran and Kuwait in a friendly and long-standing manner and said:in the current difficult circumstances surrounding the corona crisis, political differences should not hurt ordinary people, and Kuwait, given its history of friendship with Iran, has sought to help Tehran deal with the corona.

In this conversation, the two sides expressed their desire to continue their contacts on issues of mutual interest.

According to statistics, quite for a long time, Kuwait has been famous, particularly in Iran, for its good economic conditions, as its people are financially capable. The world’s strongest currency, currently, belongs to Kuwait, with the exchange rate between the dollar and the dinar standing at 4.5, meaning that the value of one dinar is as high as $4.5.

Kuwait, however, has nothing to export but oil. Its other export activities are limited to re-exporting other country’s goods and products. Kuwait sits on the world’s fourth largest oil reserves, which, given the country’s small area and population, has caused its people to have a high annual per capita income.

The country has heavily invested the capital it has accumulated through oil sales in international stock exchanges and, simultaneously, has kept the value of its currency stable. At present, Kuwaitis are deemed as big capitalists and trustworthy partners in international stock exchange markets.


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