May 29, 2023

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Iran-China relations need to be considered smartly: Envoy

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh said that China is the country that opposed the US sanctions imposed against Iran and announced that it would continue to purchase oil from Iran.

Saying that during his stay in China, he has seen nothing less than respect, he added that those who talk against Iran-China ties are not well-wishing for the people and the Islamic System.

Keshavarzzadeh said he had been a diplomat in Europe for many years, adding that hand of friendship that China has extended should be warmly shaken and not allow unwise words and comments hurt the Chinese people.

“The recent comments have hurt the Chinese people. They were the first one to rush to help Iran and sent the first coronavirus diagnosis kits. Now, they complain about the negative remarks heard from Iran,” he further said.

Some European countries and the US want to say that others are responsible for their weaknesses against the virus or want to advance their political motives. “We should be smart and don’t become a tool for others,” the Iranian ambassador added.

Reacting to the US’ accusations lodge against China and concealing realities, he said that they spare no effort against China even during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Keshavarzzadeh advised the media to be more careful and meticulous about the news about Eastern Asia and China because most of the media hype about the region is published by Western media giants.

He said Iranian journalists’ mentality about China is outdated and advised them to learn Chinese to get more acquainted with China. Because they don’t know Chinese they have to use Western sources.

Keshavarzzadeh said that the Chinese have actually made themselves independent from the Western system of social media. For example, the Chinese use Weibi instead of Twitter.

He said the Chinese media republished one of the tweets of Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and it was 50 million times seen and one million times liked.

So far, 30 shipments of contributions of the Chinese people and Government have been sent to Iran, and another one will be sent tonight. 12,505,000 masks, 313,000 isolation and surgery gowns, 37,500 pairs of protective glasses, 2,726,000 glasses, 100,000 medical hats, 1,816 UV thermometers, 520,000 different kinds of diagnosis kits, 356 respirators, two lungs scanners, 100 oxygen generators, 500 prefabricated hospital rooms, 3 smart gates, 22 air purifiers, and different kinds of medicine are a part of the aid sent by the Chinese people.

He said the shipments were sent to Iran by 30 planes, adding a big part of the help has been provided by the NGOs. For example, today one Muslim from Inner Mongolia has traveled 500 kilometers to come to Beijing to give 140,000 masks to the people of Iran.  

Keshavarzzadeh said that buying goods to be sent to Iran has become difficult due to the US sanctions, even international organizations, like the WHO or the Red Cross, send their helps to Iran Via China, adding Iran has also bought a lot of medical equipment from China.

He said the American Muslims have collected money for Iran to buy medical equipment, but the US government has stopped it, adding, “We will try to buy things via China and send it to Iran.”

Saying that some of the equipment bought by Iran has gotten stuck in Europe, Keshavarzzadeh said fighting the virus has become very difficult for people of Iran.

He also said that the Chinese spared no help to Iran, adding, “They were the first to send diagnostic kits to Iran and sent a 5-member team to Iran via the Red Cross of China with equipment to start screening in Iran.”

Keshavarzzadeh said that no other country made such an offer to Iran, but China did it and pioneered in this case.

“The Chinese gave Iran a list that was exactly the same with the one provided by the Iranian Ministry of Health, which shows they spared no help to Iran,” he added.

The Iranian ambassador to China also said that “we should thank the medical staff of Iran”.

He also said that many countries that were not under sanctions had a lot of problems in fighting against the virus and their casualties increased.

Keshavazzadeh added that in the past three months Iranian Embassy in China has changed to a warehouse for the goods being sent to Iran.

He said that the virus outbreak has had a lot of influence on political and economic relations in the world – reduction in oil price, for example.

“But the Chinese have made no impediments for Iran so far. Iran is now after having exports to China and expand economic relations with the rich country. Iran can be a fruit provider for China. China is a country that has brought 800 million people above poverty line and has numerous capabilities.”

He said that the Chinese leaders’ will is to expand relations with Iran. “Although financial ties with Iran is a small part of the Chinese trade with the world, the Chinese leaders intend to expand it because of the old historical relations of the two ancient countries.”

The Iranian envoy to China said that the Iranians and the Chinese have had good ties since the time of the Silk Road. Chinese people have always respected the Iranians, he said, adding that some countries are worried about these good ties and try to weaken them.

Keshavarzzadeh added that relations with China is not a choice for countries; it is a necessity. China produces 80% of medical productions in the world; a chance that should be used for expansion of relations.

He also said that Mahan Air has no passenger flights to China ever since the coronavirus spread. But the cargo flights are taking place to transfer the medical aids of China to Iran. No airline has permit to have passenger flights to China.

Keshavarzzadeh went on to say that politicization of coronavirus will not help at all; it just makes the conditions more severe.


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