May 24, 2022

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Iran breaks peak power usage record in cold months

Iran’s power grid operator says peak electricity usage in cold months reached a new high last night.
Iran’s peak power usage has reached a new record in cold months, the country’s power grid operator says, amid rising consumption of electricity at homes where people are spending more time to weather the new coronavirus pandemic.

The Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC) said on Sunday that power usage had peaked at 40,251 megawatts (MW) late on Saturday, an increase of more than 23 percent compared to the same day last year.

It said the country has never seen such a record-high electric demand in cold months of the year.

Power usage in Iran had not exceeded 40k MW since October, said the grid operator, adding that the usage included electricity consumed by the industries which reached 4,893 MW last night.

The increase in electricity consumption comes as many Iranians are still staying indoors as part of a nationwide campaign to fight the new coronavirus pandemic.

However, no blackouts have been reported in Iran since the lockdown over the pandemic began in early March.

Iran has been one of the leading countries in the world in terms of power grid reliability, with authorities saying in January that the country has managed to avoid any blackout for the past 16 years.

Production has increased significantly over the past years allowing the government to export electricity to several neighboring countries.

Hundreds of power plants, many of them of the efficient combined-cycle type, currently provide reliable and affordable electricity to households and industries across Iran.

Iranian government figures show that power generation capacity has increased by 3,250 MW since January 2019 while extensive repair works carried out in power plants with 100,000 MW of production capacity has also boosted the reliability of the power grid.

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