March 25, 2023

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“Hannah, Our Hero” translated into Croatian, Turkish

TEHRAN – Iranian writer Ali-Asghar Seidabadi’s latest story “Hannah, Our Hero” that teaches children how to take care of themselves during the coronavirus pandemic has also been translated into Croatian and Turkish.

Seidabadi wrote the book illustrated by his daughter Ghazaleh during the home quarantine, which began on March 20 in Iran.

The English, Italian, French and German PDF versions of the story were available for download on Seidabadi’s official website last week.

“Hannah, Our Hero” has been translated into Turkish by Nadia Bakeri, while Bijan Alai is the translator of the Croatian version.  

The story is about several children including Hannah that go to visit their uncle, Bahman, who doesn’t know that he is infected with COVID-19. All children are infected, but Hannah escapes uninfected due to her paying attention to the tips for dealing with coronavirus.

In a preface to the book, Seidabadi referred to some books written on coronavirus – COVID-19 by Chinese and American authors during the coronavirus pandemic and added, “They were useful books but for me, the social aspects of the event and its effect on our lives and tolerating the situation was more important than how to tackle and get rid of the virus.”

Photo: Front covers of the Turkish and Croatian versions of “Hannah, Our Hero”.

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