September 30, 2023

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Gov’t spox: US not in position to block Iran’s loan bid with IMF

Rabei said on Sunday that Washington is not in a position to prevent international organizations from doing their legal obligations.

The US must understand that international institutions are not their property and other countries not their subjects, he said in response to a question on the US intention to block Iran’s $5 billion loan bid from IMF.

He underlined that IMF’s response to the issue will indicate that participation in international affairs is not subject to unilateral policies by any state, adding that IMF’s decision represents the moral and humanitarian objectives of the funds established on humanitarian basis.
On legal vote by a Luxembourg court to release Iran’s money, Rabiei said that the money was blocked due to the US claim and they were trying to move the money to the United States and seize it by another verdict.
He added that Iran’s Central Bank along with a number of Iranian lawyers managed to overturn both the verdicts and release the money some of which will be spent to afford medical equipment and medicine to fight coronavirus pandemic.

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