February 2, 2023

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Freeing 6,000 Palestinian inmates amid coronavirus outbreak needed, Iran’s judiciary chief says

“Today, we are concerned about the lives of Palestinian men and women held captive by the Zionists, especially when more than 200 women and children are behind bars under worrying conditions,” he said.

Noting that liberation of the Holy Quds from the occupation of the Zionist regime is the most important wish of the Iranian people and the Muslims of the world, he said the fact that Gaza is under siege by the occupiers is unacceptable.

In Gaza, Zionists have created biggest prison in the world where Gazans are living under difficult conditions, and what is now more concerning is threat posed by the coronavirus outbreak, he said.

Expressing concern over shortage of medicine and medical equipment by the Zionist regime in Gaza, he said that no doubt that the siege on the enclave is a crime against humanity by the Zionist regime which has denied Muslims of their basic rights.

Criticizing the UN and international organizations for keeping silent against the tyranny, he said that they prefer their political interests for human rights.

Haniyah, for his part during the phone call, appreciated Supreme Leader and the Iranian people’s supports to the Palestinian people and Gaza, saying that the backing is a sign of the Iranian nation’s awakening and vigilance.

Referring to Gaza situation and anti-human measures against the people in the area, he said that tyranny perpetrated by the Zionists will have dire consequences for them and they will be defeated by the Palestinians.

Reiterating that resistance will continue until victory over the Zionists and release of all Palestinians behind bars, he said that Iranian people has a special attention to the issue of Palestine.


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