March 29, 2023

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Embassy in Moscow guides Iranians wishing to fly home

TEHRAN — Iran’s embassy in Moscow issued a statement on Friday to repatriate Iranians who wish to return to their homeland amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the embassy, Iranians wishing to return to Iran can get in touch with Kavan Tour and Travel Agency, an exclusive agency of Mahan Airline in Moscow.

“In case of tightening of travel restrictions and suspension of all flights from Moscow to Tehran, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation will take necessary measures for repatriation of Iranian citizens to Iran through concerned bodies in Iran and Russia,” the statement read, Mehr reported.

“In this case, the process of registration of Iranians wishing to return to Iran from Moscow will be notified. Obviously, all relevant travel costs shall be borne by the applicant.”

“The lockdown conditions and possible necessary coronavirus tests both at entry points and airports of the country will be done according to the instructions of the Coronavirus Combat and Prevention Headquarters and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education,” it added.

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