May 28, 2024

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Domestic navigation system: Nowruz trips fall by 71%

The Iranian-made navigation system’ report was released by analyzing travels of over 4 million users.

According to public relations office of ‘Neshan’ navigation system, due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran, all intercity trips were expected to decrease compared with the last year so ‘Neshan’ started analyzing trips since March 13.

Data show that March 15 was the peak of Nowruz trips and the figure only experienced 36% fall compared with the same period last year.

Then during the second half of holiday, the volume of intercity trips were 84% less than last year.

Neshan has also reviewed observation of social distancing plan in eight cites in Iran which consisted of people’s presence in banks, bus stops, drug stores, gas stations, hospital, mosques, governmental organizations, parks and super markets.  

Accordingly, presence in gas stations has the least reduction.

Mosques with 78% and governmental organizations with 77% fall were the least-crowded areas.

Medical centers were the most crowded places.

Iran has taken numerous steps to stop the spread of the disease, ranging from shutting down schools and universities to canceling cultural and religious gatherings. It is also constantly disinfecting and sanitizing public places.


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