May 24, 2022

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Doctors without Border enter Iran after coordinating

Elaboration on Wednesday meeting of Majlis (Parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission which was held in the presence of Zarif, Naqavi Hosseini said Iraq, sanctions, the US hostility and impact of coronavirus on foreign policy should be discussed.

Zarif said COVID19 has created deep developments at international level which cannot be assessed exactly now, he added.

Arrogant powers are trying to preserve their sovereignty in post-coronavirus era, but the US measures have brought about opposite results, he further said.

Zarif noted that good efforts have been made for unfreezing Iranian assets which will bear result, Naqavi-Hosseini said.

Commenting on the recent developments in Iraq, Zarif said like those of Syria and Afghanistan, Iran’s policy is to maintain independence, tranquility and sovereignty of the Iraqi government based on constitution, he added.

Peace process in the region should be under regional states’ control and trans-regional countries and the claimant powers should not interfere, Zarif was also quoted as saying.

He pointed out that Iran is after establishing truce and reaching agreement in Afghanistan.  

Naqavi-Hosseini also referred to remarks made by representative of the Intelligence Ministry, saying the representative elaborated on interactions with regional countries and measures taken for returning Iranian nationals in time of coronavirus outbreak.

He added that Americans made lots of attempts for taking political advantage of the coronavirus and accuse Iran and China, Naqavi-Hosseini said.

They have also put on the agenda weakening Axis of Resistance in time of pandemic, Intelligence Ministry representative was quoted as saying.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Naqavi-Hosseini referred to remarks made by representative of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), Quds Forces, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces.

Stable situation in Iraq and people active participation indicate resistance, strength and development of Iraq, IRGC representative Brigadier General Zarei was quoted as saying.  

Americans are seeking to continue their presence in Iran even if it results in reducing the number of forces and limiting bases, he added.

In Afghanistan, the rich rule of Ghani-Abdullah-Taliban tripartite must also work in favor of unity, cohesion, strength, security and stability in Afghanistan.


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