December 10, 2023

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‘Diversifying technological products main goal of RIPI’

TEHRAN – Head of Iran’s Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) says the institute has it on the agenda to diversify the basket of technological products in the oil industry, Shana reported.

“The research institute is not just a research contractor, it plays a strategic role in addressing the needs of the oil industry,” Jafar Tofiqi said.

“We will be facing more demand from the oil industry in the current [Iranian calendar] year (began on March 20), so we need to expand the basket of our technological products in order to meet those requirements; this requires more capacity building and empowerment within the Petroleum Industry Research Institute,” the official stressed.

He went on to say that the technical requirements of the oil industry are constantly evolving: “In the current situation when foreign companies are not present, this opportunity should be used to replace these companies to create value and technology.”

According to the official, considering the workforce’s health and wellbeing, looking out for new technologies, pushing to go completely green and accelerating research projects as well as providing sustainable financial resources are also among the major priorities of the RIPI in the current year.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Tofiqi stressed the need to expand the network of cooperation between the research institute and the country’s top universities and research centers, saying: “Since there is a lot of capacity in universities and research centers in the country, good ideas have been formed in these centers that we can use to expand our projects.”

He also pointed to the development of RIPI’s overseas activities and said: “Although cooperation with foreign institutions is very difficult in the current situation, we can use the opportunities created to cooperate with neighboring countries.”

RIPI was initially established under the title of the “Iran Petroleum Industry Research Development Office” in 1959. Its primary aim was carrying out research on the application of petroleum materials.

The main strategy of PIRI is creating value-added via development and indigenization of new technologies used in the oil industry.

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