May 27, 2022

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Creating 1,000 hectares of new greenhouses on agenda: APC head

TEHRAN – Managing Director of Iran’s Agricultural Parks Company (APC) says his company plans to create 1,000 hectares of new greenhouses in the country’s agricultural parks during the current Iranian calendar year (March 2020-March 2021).

According to Ali Ashraf Mansouri, following a plan for developing the country’s agricultural parks, so far, over 7,250 hectares of land has been allocated to be developed as agricultural parks, IRNA reported.

Some 1,500 hectares of fishery parks and 600 hectares of livestock, poultry, and aquaculture parks are also planned to be inaugurated this year, the official added.

He further noted that APC has registered a request for 40 trillion rials (about $952 million) of bank facilities for implementing development projects.

The parks will be awarded to capable companies without any specific limitations and facilities will also be provided for development in three areas of greenhouse, aquaculture, as well as livestock and poultry.

Development of the country’s agricultural parks not only is going to create new job opportunities but also increases the country’s non-oil exports and helps to preserve the environment and the national water and soil resources.

Back in March, Mansouri had announced that 8.3 trillion rials (about $197.6 million) of facilities were paid for the development of agricultural parks across the country since the beginning of the past calendar year (March 21, 2019) up to March 11.

According to the official, the mentioned facilities were paid for development or construction of various agricultural parks including greenhouses, fisheries, and aquaculture, as well as livestock and poultry.

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