May 23, 2022

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“Cradle of Silence” to compete in Indian festival 

TEHRAN – “Cradle of Silence” by Mostafa Mehraban will be competing in the Jehlum Short and Long Film Festival, which will be running in the Indian city of Srinagar from May 1 to 10, the Iranian Youth Cinema Society has announced. 

“Cradle of Silence” depicts Rasul who has to deliver a cradle to the widow of his martyred friend. With Rasul returning from the southern warzone to the northern part of the country, his wife Laya plans on going back to the warzone with him. The cradle becomes an excuse for Rasul to reject his wife’s request.

Jehlum is a festival with the specific goal of supporting and promoting photography and fresh filmmaking talent.

Photo: A scene from “Cradle of Silence” by Mostafa Mehraban.

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