May 24, 2022

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Corona death toll in Iran becomes 2-digit a day: Minister

He said that Iranian health system cannot overlook losing even a single person and got sad with the deaths.

Namaki said that medical treatment of COVID-19 was done really well in Iran. Most provinces have a better condition. Number of people diagnosed with the virus is reducing, which was not possible without cooperation between the people and the health system.

Namaki added that now Iran is implementing the social distancing plan, adding that the breaking any of the protocols may lead to new challenges.

He added that Iranian health system lost many medics in the fight against the virus.

He said the Iranian medical staff did not show any sad faces, whereas in some countries the medical staff took to the streets upon facing shortage in medical equipment. Iranian staff always has happy expressions and did not spare any efforts.

Head of Iran’s Health Ministry’s Public Relations Office Kianoush Jahanpour said on Tuesday that 48,129 people out of a total of 74,877 infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) have survived and recovered whereas 4,683 have lost their lives.

Jahanpour said that 1,574 new affected cases have been detected since yesterday.

The health official pointed out that 3,691 cases are in critical condition.


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