May 23, 2022

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Cleric: Seminaries ready to cooperate with Orthodox Church

The tragic incident of the coronavirus outbreak has caused suffering to countries and nations and has caused grief to the leaders of religions and scholars, the letter reads.

Seminaries in Qom and Iran express sympathy with those who have been affected and wish immediate recovery for the patients, he added.

Ayatollah Arafi noted that seminaries and senior scholars are ready to exchange scientific, research, cultural and rescue experiences and to open new chapter with regard to cooperation and consultations with scientific, international, academic, and religious centers.

Meanwhile, supervisor of World Council of Churches responded to Ayatollah Arafi’s letter saying anti-Iran sanctions have escalated difficult current situation.

He thanked for Arafi’s letter and his wish for cooperation in world religious societies with regard to justice and welfare, especially for those who were affected by coronavirus.

He added that WCC together with National Council of Churches of Christ has recently sent a request to US president for lifting sanctions against Iran.  

Earlier, Arafi in a letter to Pope Francis the leader of the Catholic Church on Saturday described the spread of coronavirus as a calamity for the entire world, saying that countering contemporary crises requires international consensus.

Rational and proper explanation of such incidents and how to encounter them, developing research to deal with social challenges, promoting social vitality, strengthening social solidarity and consolidating hope, resolve, peace and creativity in the society are among the heavy responsibilities of all elites, intellectuals and officials, Arafi said, noting that religious scholars shoulder a double responsibility in such circumstances.

Dealing with this challenge and other contemporary crises, including injustice, discrimination, inhumane sanctions, environmental crisis, war, terrorism, producing and stockpiling WMDs requires international cooperation, countering irresponsible policies of certain countries and all-out campaign against corruption, discrimination and sanctions as well as sincere adherence to common human, rational and religious teachings and consolidating foundations of justice, peace and solidarity, he said.


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