May 24, 2022

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Chinese researcher: US sanctions reveal its hypocrisy over human rights

In an interview with IRNA, Wang ze Zhuang said on Wednesday that as Iran was fighting the outbreak of the coronavirus with all in its power in mid-February when, the United States, which claims to be the world’s number one power, not only did not help Tehran but also upheld sanctions. In this context, however, Iran has not stopped trying and has achieved successful results.

“In addition to imposing sanctions on Iran, the United States has put pressure on some other countries that want to help Tehran not to help Iran,” he said, adding that there has been a lot of negativity in Iran’s fight against coronavirus.

*** Sanctions on Iran are an example of US foreign policy towards the people of the world

 The head of the Center for West Asian and North African Studies at China’s Anne Koy University called the coronavirus a “natural disaster” that does not discriminate between countries and nations, saying that but instead of helping, the US has increased international political tensions and slowed down the fight against the virus.

What the United States has done during the Iranian war against the coronavirus epidemic is an example of the US foreign policy towards the people of the world, Wang ze Zhuang said.

*** International community unite against the United States

The University of China’s Anne Koy professor suggested that the international community should be more united in the face of the US efforts to resolve conflicts and cover up its problems.

He stressed the need for coronavirus to be managed by the United Nations, saying that in order to respect the authority of the United Nations and its role in addressing various international issues within the framework of the UN Charter and international law, the United States should not be allowed to abide by UN rules.

Nations and other international rules will be rejected. Otherwise, the epidemic will turn into a real disaster due to the lack of international cooperation, he said.


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