May 22, 2022

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Basic goods provided despite lockdown in pandemic era

Hojjat Baratali said that according to the order from the Supreme National Security Council, the reserves of the four basic items of wheat, oil, sugar and rice, are always kept at the provision level.

Baratali said the provision levels have been determined at 600 thousand tons for rice and oil, 500 tons for sugar, and five million tons for wheat.

He added that about 23 million tons of staple consumer goods were provided and injected into the market in the Iranian year 1398 (starting on 20 March 2019).

Baratali said that the reservoir of the staple consumer goods of the country is constantly renewed, adding that the sanctions have not been able to impede Iran’ purchase of basic goods from other countries and even despite the lockdown of the era of coronavirus outbreak, there have been no problems in providing staple goods for the country.


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