December 10, 2023

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Any misadventure against Iran detrimental for regional peace: Top Pakistani official

Saleem Mandviwalla in an interaction with Russia based Sputnik News also stressed the importance of the role of the international community in lifting sanctions and cooperating with Tehran in the fight against the coronavirus.

He observed that current situation requires more sagacity and wisdom on the part of all regional players to promote peace for development and growth.

He said that, accusations were hurled against Iran which could prove detrimental to regional peace and stability. “I feel that Iran should not be put in a corner,” Mandviwalla said, stressing that Pakistan has very good relations with Iran.

The Deputy Chairman Senate said that Iran is passing through a testing time due to coronavirus and global community needs to give a sympathetic consideration for lifting of sanctions to provide relief to the people in Iran.

He said that humanity is in crisis in Iran due to coronavirus and needs support to reduce the pain and sufferings.

“The entire Muslim Ummah cannot make war with each other. It is just not possible. Any such type of war is very dangerous. It can lead to many other conflicts, many other wars. It can spread out,” he added.

According to Mandviwalla, a pipeline that was signed into existence in 2013 and envisaged to deliver natural gas from Iran to Pakistan, still experiences delays.

“With numerous delays from the very start of its construction, this pipeline faced further drag after the United States imposed sanctions against Iran,” he noted.

He said that situation in Indian Kashmir further worsened and tensions escalated further in August last year when New Delhi decided to annul the special status of the Jammu and Kashmir state and put it under direct federal control.

Mandviwalla urged the international community to see the current tense situation in the Kashmir region as a humanitarian crisis rather than a political one.

Regarding Afghan peace process, Mandviwalla observed that it will help open economic channels in the region. Moreover, the deal will constitute an important step toward an intra-Afghan dialogue, which is vital for restoring permanent peace in Afghanistan, he said. “We hope that spoilers of the peace process do not create hurdles,” he added.


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