December 11, 2023

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AEOI Chief hails speed of nuclear medicine services in Iran

In his message which was released on the occasion of Iran National Nuclear Technology Day, Salehi sympathized with victims of the recent accidents in Iran.

Development in nuclear medicine productions and services and supplying pharmaceutical requirements of health and medical centers is being made in large scale, comprehensively and with acceptable speed.

Referring to cruel sanctions imposed by the Global Arrogance on Iran, Salehi stressed the importance of supplying medical society needs as a national and moral duty.

He noted that the high-level goals identified in the nuclear fuel cycle namely developing activities related to exploration and extraction of nuclear industry raw materials, accelerating activities in research, development and enrichment of uranium, progress in building 2nd and 3rd phases of Bushehr nuclear plant and developing modern nuclear technologies are underway seriously.

Salehi reiterated that renovation of Khandab Heavy Water Reactor is underway based on articles of Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Earlier, Salehi said that production of Oxygen-18 in Khandab nuclear site is the result of national resolve and confidence in youth.

“The Oxygen-18 needed by the country has so far been imported from abroad, for each kilogram of which, 30,000 dollars exited from the country,” he said.

Technology to produce Oxygen-18 is owned only by five countries and now Iran joined the producers with honor, he said, adding that two of the five countries are producing the item with limited capacity but Khandab site produces over 60 kilograms annually.

“A total of 12 towers are operating in the distillation unit of Khandab nuclear center of which eight are producing Oxygen-18 and the rest heavy water,” he said.


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