October 3, 2023

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400 Persian language professors join ‘No to Sanctions’ campaign in fighting COVID-19

According to Sa’adi Foundation, 400 professors and Iranologists from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, the Netherlands, Kyrgyzstan, India, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, China, Uganda, Australia, Germany, Greece and Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Armenia, Tajikistan, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Oman, Ivory Coast, Belarus, Serbia and Tunisia in a statement called for lifting international sanctions against Iran with regard to fighting coronavirus.

In their statement, professors described themselves as promoters of pure, culture-oriented and humanitarian ideas of Rudaki, Omar Khayyam, Rumi, Sa’adi and Hafez.

They also stressed maintaining empathy, love and hope among humans.

Persian culture, civilization and language have always emphasized love, kindness and altruism among human beings, the statement reads.

Now people and those who are active in health and treatment sector in Iran are fighting in two fronts, professors said, adding that they are defending people on one hand and fighting against limitations and difficulties of sanctions and discrimination on the other hand.

They noted that breaking walls of sanctions and reaching to drugs and medical equipment for fighting coronavirus in Iran is the most important an humane step that should be taken.  

The outbreak of dangerous coronavirus (COVID-19) has been affecting the world for a number of months requiring a collective campaign of the international community to thwart the threat posed to humanity by the pandemic.

Even a diverse group of US academics, researchers and NGO leaders recently have signed an open letter addressed to the leaders of the P4+1 countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and Russia) and the US lawmakers, calling on them to lift sanctions on Iran impeding Iranian campaign against coronavirus.

Through their letter, the academics and civil society activists have called for putting pressure on administration of the US President Donald Trump to remove unilateral sanctions against Iran.

Several distinguished academics including Noam Chomsky, Hamid Dabashi, Robert Crews, and John Packer have signed this letter which was drafted and coordinated by the Institute for Peace and Diplomacy.


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