December 2, 2023

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100 pieces of historical ceramics, glazed pottery restored

TEHRAN – A total of 100 pieces of historical ceramics and glazed pottery were restored in the laboratory of Khorasan Great Museum, northeastern city of Mashhad, during the past Iranian calendar year (ended March 20).

The pieces of glazed tiles and pottery were picked for restoration based on various aspects of their designs including stylistics and architectural decorations, deputy tourism chief Marjan Akbari said on Saturday, CHTN reported.

Referring to the cleansing, restoration, analysis, strengthening, and classification of the pieces, the official said: “Their roots to the historical identity of Khorasan were determined according to both the library and laboratory studies.”

The most artistically important, though not the most ancient, prehistoric painted pottery of Iran is derived from Susiana (Elam), according to Encyclopedia Britannica. The stylized shapes of animals and birds are used, their curves and contrasting angularities skillfully adapted to the sensitive shapes of the clay vessels in a manner that implies a long history of evolutionary experiment.

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